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RE:Video - our best ideas on Video Marketing [Volume 19.03]

In this issue: How to create a winning Video Content Marketing strategyRecent trend: create an on-boa

Growth tactics for B2B Services

April 1 · Issue #3 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

In this issue:
  1. How to create a winning Video Content Marketing strategy
  2. Recent trend: create an on-boarding “Academy” (Asana example)
  3. How to replicate or “clone” your best clients
  4. Thought leadership mini case-study: Sunny Lenarduzzi
  5. Book of the month: ideas, influence, and income

1. How to create your Video Content Marketing strategy
WHY video content marketing is a unique opportunity: tackle the 3 main challenges
We have perfected a very streamlined process to help you come up with and produce the best video content that will resonate with your audience. Email me if you’d like to get copies of strategies we’ve put together for companies.
And it looks like this:
  1. SEO/keyword/competitive analysis to come up with topics and take the guesswork out of “what content should I produce” - you DON’T have to reinvent the wheel here.
  2. Interview your team or even outside experts to gather the content, record & transcribe the interview, edit and enhance with your insights - make it your OWN.
  3. Put the script up on a teleprompter and read in front of the camera. This is by far the best way to appear engaging to your audience. Because you won’t have to think while you’re shooting the video. And you’ll be surprised how natural you can look. (For our clients, we even have Broadway actors that work as consultants to provide tips and help with delivery)
  4. Then comes the part about execution: edit the videos, add lower-thirds to highlight key texts, break up the video with full-frame screens and bullet points - make it look exciting and engaging (for bonus points, leverage advanced video hosting platforms to add interactive features like clickable cards and email capture pop-ups).
  5. And finally comes the most important - and often overlooked - part: promotion. Publish regularly on YouTube (1-2x per week), pick the right keywords (no more than 3-4 so you don’t confuse the YouTube algo), include at least one of your keywords at the beginning of your video’s title, upload a transcript, and have your “launch” team ready to search for your video, watch it, and like/share it.
You will start seeing organic traffic to your site in as little as a couple of months, and it will keep growing from there!
2. Trend: Create an on-boarding "Academy"
Asana Academy
This past month, we’ve been getting surprisingly high interest for online courses by companies who want to:
  • on-board their customers so they get more value of a platform/solution
  • on-board new hires so they hit the ground running
  • educate sales people about new products
A great online course example comes from Asana - the project management platform - that has created an online Academy with 32 courses, all available for free to users who simply sign up with a free account.
These are all studio-produced courses with professional screencasts. A simple studio setup with an actor (or charismatic employee), and screencasts that can be created by an SME and then professionalized (strip VO, edit transcript, record professional VO, re-sync the video).
The goal is to familiarize users with all the powerful features and functionality that Asana has to offer. The more value Asana users get out of the platform, the longer they stay on and the more likely they are to pay - increasing lifetime value by both extending duration AND increasing average revenue per user.
3. How to replicate or "clone" your best clients
Haven’t seen much on this anywhere but we’ve been talking to sales people and doing our own research. Because the biggest question in B2B sales should be “how to replicate your best clients”. And it’s all about how to:
  1. Figure out WHO are truly your best clients
  2. WHERE you can identify more similar companies & people
  3. And finally HOW to reach them (what are best practices)
We created a 3-part video series and this is the 1st part (you can see the rest on our YouTube channel).
Grow Your Business: Get More Best Clients (part 1/3): Who are your best clients?
4. Thought leadership mini case-study: Sunny Lenarduzzi
We’ve created a list of 100+ B2B channels on YouTube where businesses and experts demonstrate their thought leadership, and analyze their content to come up with insights to help YOU launch your own ‘thought leader’ channel. (also stay tuned for our upcoming book/guide on the topic)
Here’s a mini case study (by our very own Patrick Charron at Board Studios) on Sunny Lenarduzzi’s channel, a social media expert that uses video content marketing to educate people how to produce and leverage social media content.
She posts 4 videos a month and now has 200 videos on her channel, 200,000 subscribers (yes, you read that right!), and 55,000 views per video. Imagine what stats like that could do for YOUR business.
Video Content Marketing Strategy Case Study: Sunny Lenarduzzi
5. Book of the month: Ideas, Influence, and Income
Tanya Hall, the CEO of Greenleaf Book Group wrote a book on how to develop your ideas into a book, how to build a platform to reach the right audience, and how to monetize your book beyond the book store.
As a thought leader, you have insights to share, but how can you break through? Publishing a book immediately gives you thought leader status and recognition.
Also stay tuned for our upcoming course “hacking” the process of writing your own business book!
Become a Thought Leader: "Ideas, Influence, and Income" by Tanya Hall
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