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RE:Video - our best ideas on video marketing [Volume 19.01]

In this issue: Why video podcasting will be a leading trend in 2019To drive engagement... convert tex

Growth tactics for B2B Services

January 29 · Issue #1 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

In this issue:
  1. Why video podcasting will be a leading trend in 2019
  2. To drive engagement… convert text blogs into video
  3. Alleviate call center volumes… with Explainer Videos
  4. 2019 will be the year of Video Content Marketing
  5. Book of the month: Build an A-Team
  6. Deal of the month: get a free ‘talking head’ explainer video!

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1. Why video Podcasting will be a leading trend in 2019
The most successful business podcasters are doing it so they can build relationships with potential channel partners or big clients. They invite their partners to the show and make them look good, and in return strike a conversation that inevitably leads to exploring a partnership.
How can you take podcasting to the next level? With VIDEO podcasting.
Here’s an example of what it looks like…
B2BNXT Interview with the founder of Board Studios
The difference is that when you invite a high-value partner to an in-person video session, you sit down with them for half an hour before and/or after the interview, and you form a strong personal connection.
One of our clients put it best:
“This gives me such an unfair advantage - I love it!”
2. To drive engagement... convert text blogs into video
An insurance company realized that nobody reads the great tips they’re sharing on their blog, so in order to boost engagement and SEO we’re helping them re-script and convert the blogs into Whiteboard animations. The result is better engagement, a YouTube channel for additional organic search benefits, and visitors spend more time on-site (also good for SEO).
Screenshot from a Text Blog converted into a Whiteboard animation
Screenshot from a Text Blog converted into a Whiteboard animation
Another example: a carbon footprint app has numerous blog posts to educate & engage users, but the users have been asking for video because they don’t like reading on their phones. So we’re converting dozens of posts into 4-5 minute ‘talking head’ videos with an actor / brand ambassador at our full-time video production studio in lower Manhattan.
3. Alleviate call center volumes... with Explainer Videos
A FinTech company identified the 3 most common questions that account for a majority of the call center volume, and we’re addressing them with Motion Graphics animations, which are emailed proactively to customers.
Screenshot from Motion Graphics animation that answers customers' FAQs
Screenshot from Motion Graphics animation that answers customers' FAQs
An insurance company realized that customers call on average 6+ times when asked to fill out a specific form, so we’re creating an Interactive video to help customers navigate to the specific questions where they’re having issues, and the video walks them through exactly how to fill out the form. To make sure we’re addressing every issue correctly, we spent some time with call center reps to provide us with context and validate our script.
4. 2019 will be the year of "Video Content Marketing"
If you’re not getting the ROI you want from cold calling, email campaigns, social media, and paid ads… video is where you should be.
The reason? Every single one of your competitors is following the same tactics as you. The result? You’re creating noise and bidding up the cost to acquire customers for each other. It’s not sustainable anymore!
Here are 3 reasons why video is a white-space opportunity:
  1. It’s difficult to figure out (where to start? what content to cover?)
  2. It can be expensive to produce (NOT if you work with us;)
  3. And it can be a pain to execute (NOT with our streamlined processes)
WHY video content marketing is a unique opportunity: tackle the 3 main challenges
That’s why B2B experts say video is THE #1 source of new business. Because there isn’t much competition and it cuts through the noise much more effectively.
I bet 99% of your competitors haven’t jumped on the Video train… and the sooner you start the more difficult it will be for them to catch up.
5. Book of the month: Build an A-team
Every employee is on an S-shaped learning curve that looks like a roller-coaster: at the bottom you’re figuring stuff out, on the steep part things are clicking, and at the top you’ve mastered your craft but after a while things get stale. On average, you spend 6-12 months at the bottom, 2 years at the sweet-spot, and 6-12 months at the high-point. The most effective team structure is when you have 15% at the bottom, 70% on the steep part, and 15% at the top.
"Build an A Team" by Whitney Johnson
*** Deal of the month ***
Every month, we bring you an exclusive deal from one of our companies or partners. This month’s deal: get a FREE ‘talking head’ 1-2 minute explainer video at our studio (in lower Manhattan, NYC). Fill out the application below, we’ll provide you with a script template and then refine your script, you show up at the studio and read off the teleprompter, we edit and you’ll have your video within 1 week. Note that you have to reserve a studio time in February 2019.
Get free 'talking head' explainer video
Let us know if you have any questions about video, and how it can take your business to the next level. Together, we can come up with a winning plan!
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