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RE:Video - Issue #8

Launching video content marketing Mastermind!How RE Agents use video content marketing to grow their

Growth tactics for B2B Services

August 30 · Issue #8 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. Launching video content marketing Mastermind!
  2. How RE Agents use video content marketing to grow their business
  3. WHY Video Content Marketing works so well
  4. What’s an Explainer video… and do you NEED one?
  5. Book of the month: The Snowball System (sales that snowball)

1. Launching "Video Content Marketing" mastermind
For experts and businesses that want to get their feet wet with video content marketing, we’re launching a mastermind that gives you:
  • 24/7 access to our experts (ask about equipment, setup, videography, posting, optimizing, promoting, etc.)
  • the support of a powerful community of business owners driven to level-up their business with the power of video
  • weekly AMA and hot-seat sessions where we answer questions and review/improve our members’ channels
  • “buddy system” for accountability and help produce content by interviewing each other
We’ll be accepting signups throughout September for this cohort. Sign up today!
Mastermind | BoardStudios
2. How Real Estate Agents use YouTube to grow!
Lessons from services businesses and entrepreneurs who are already leveraging the power of YouTube to connect with new clients and grow their business.
Here’s a real estate agent who does everything right:
  • posts a video consistently every week
  • optimizes his thumbnails to include key message
  • optimizes his titles to appear on Google search page results
And has grown to 12.5k subscribers, often getting 30-50k views per video!
Check out this mini case study of his YouTube channel…
Video Content Marketing Case Study: Javier Vidana (Real Estate Agent)
3. WHY video content marketing works SO well
I’m sure you’ve noticed that LinkedIn is dominated by videos posted by experts. THAT’s video content marketing. And it works so well because:
  • very few experts/companies do it
  • even fewer do it RIGHT
  • it can get pretty expensive…
… Unless of course you have a streamlined process to batch produce videos, optimize them to get results, and then promote them to boost your ROI.
Learn more by joining our “Video Content Marketing” Mastermind… or shoot me your questions at:
WHY does Video Content Marketing work?
4. What's an Explainer video... and do you NEED one
I did a 10-minute webinar session on Explainer videos - check if out if you’ve ever wondered:
  • What’s the actual purpose of an Explainer video
  • When do I need one, and what can it do for me
  • What’s the difference between a GOOD and a BAD Explainer video
What is an explainer video... and do you NEED one (9.5 minutes)
5. Book of the month: The Snowball System
The Snowball System is a way to generate more sales by resonating with your audience through a clear and differentiated message.
  1. Target a well-defined niche audience
  2. Position yourself in a way that makes you unique to THAT audience
  3. Connect with your audience through the science of Likeability
  4. Convert by playing the long game… adding value consistently and building goodwill
To achieve the last part, you need to develop a “business development” habit where every week for 1-2 hours you block time off and focus on activities that foster connections with your audience. Try different things don’t scale until you find what works, and then double-down.
“The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans” by Mo Bunnell – BOOK SUMMARY – BookVideoClub
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