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Grow your business & influence with video - Volume #7

In July's issue: Hack your sales funnel with a "break-even" funnel!What if no one's reading my conten

Growth tactics for B2B Services

July 31 · Issue #7 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

In July’s issue:
  1. Hack your sales funnel with a “break-even” funnel!
  2. What if no one’s reading my content?
  3. How to produce & promote VALUABLE video content
  4. Convert a screencast into a great Explainer Video
  5. Book of the month: Atomic Habits

1. Hack your sales funnel with a "break-even" funnel
Here’s the gist of a “break-even” funnel, popularized by the CEO of
You typically run paid campaigns to acquire leads. But that’s getting very expensive… it’s NOT sustainable.
INSTEAD, you create a very high-value product. For example, Board Studios is creating a mini-course on how to do Video Content Marketing. And we’re publishing a book based on interviews with successful business YouTubers.
THEN, you run ads to your target audience and sell that product. Let’s say you pay $200 to acquire a new lead for your business. With the break-even funnel, you may $10 to sell a $10 book, or $100 to sell a $100 course. That’s the idea: you create a list of prospects, and you break even while doing it!
The list of people who purchase your book/course are a highly-qualified prospect list of people who get to know -> like -> trust you… practically FOR FREE!
Create a break-even sales funnel
2. What if no one's reading my content?
Creating content for your blog can be very expensive. Typically, you’ll end up spending $500+ per blog post. So if you add 10 blog posts to your site and you only get 10 new visitors… it hurts!
The main culprit is usually the type of content you create. You write about what YOU want your audience to know so they’ll buy from you. Instead, you should write about what THEY want to read.
Because when your audience first connects with you, they simply DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. They care about learning something that can help them solve their problems.
For example, instead of writing “Why you need an Explainer Video” on my blog, I should write “How to pitch your business in 60 seconds” and explain about structuring a powerful message.
You want to be educational so your audience will consume your content and they will get to KNOW -> LIKE -> TRUST you.
To help, I screencast how we do this content research for clients. It’s a long video but you can see the tools and approach behind the scenes, and of course you can skip where it’s slow;)
Video Content Marketing analysis/report walkthrough
3. How to produce & promote VALUABLE video content
First, you need to create a list of great topics: start with an SEO/keyword analysis (see above), then add FAQs from clients/prospects, and check out topics on with your keywords.
Next, script your answers (or at least type up 4-5 bullet points on each topic). Plan to talk about each bullet for 60 seconds or so. Video-record on your laptop with a webcam and a tool like or
Then, you may want to edit your videos so that they’re more consumable (nobody will watch 30 minutes of you going off on tangents;)
And finally, repurpose your videos:
  • Blog post: transcribe on, edit to add titles and improve the flow, add 1-2 images from or another library, post on your blog, and promote with
  • Upload on your LinkedIn channel (along with an SRT/subtitles file you can also get on and YouTube with a custom thumbnail, SEO optimized description, and target keywords.
How to produce value-adding content
4. Convert your screencast into a great Explainer Video
The easiest way to create an Explainer Video for your platform? Screencast a quick walk-through where you’re taking someone through the functionality (use a tool like Camtasia, Screenflow, or QuickTime).
Then, we take your screencast video and extract a script, refine and polish it. Bring an actor to our studio, deliver the content on camera, and edit to a balanced mix of “demo” and “actor.”
The result? You can get an Explainer Video in 1-2 weeks: super streamlined and cost-effective. Check out what it looks like below!
Plectica "Screencast to Explainer Video"
5. Book of the month: Atomic Habits
Typically, it’s not one transformational moment that leads to success… but a series of tiny everyday changes.
Let’s say you have a goal “to become stronger.” To achieve that goal, don’t focus too much on the goal itself. Instead, break it down to steps like “do 10 pushups a day” and turn those into “atomic” habits (habits that are super specific and can’t be broken down any further).
An example would be: do 10 pushups next to my desk right before lunch. (very specific, says exactly what you should do, where, and when)
Or if you want to start meditating, say “I will meditate for 3 minutes as soon as I turn on the coffee maker in the morning.” This is also called “habit stacking” b/c you’re using an existing habit and adding one more with it.
Small changes accumulate and compound, and soon you’ll become like one of those overnight successes we all read about;) 3-minute video summary of "Atomic Habits"
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