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Grow your business & influence with video - Volume #6

In June's issue: Get customers for $0 with a break-even funnel!Boost your RFP win-rate by 20% or more

Growth tactics for B2B Services

July 1 · Issue #6 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

In June’s issue:
  1. Get customers for $0 with a break-even funnel!
  2. Boost your RFP win-rate by 20% or more with video
  3. Save $500+ on your next Explainer Video
  4. How financial advisors leverage the power of YouTube
  5. Book of the month: NEVER split the difference

1. Get customers for $0 with a break-even funnel!
Ads to acquire new customers are becoming too expensive b/c your competitors are doing exactly the same things and you’re bidding up each other.
At the same time, ads to sell books or courses don’t really work either b/c they’re at breakeven.
BUT WHAT IF: you sold a book/course to your audience and collected the emails of valuable prospects… at breakeven?
… You don’t care to make money on the book/course, but you end up with a highly qualified prospect list FOR FREE.
Compare that to your competitors spending $$$ to build THEIR list!
(this “break-even funnel” idea has been tested and popularized by the founder of ClickFunnels)
Break even funnel - Module #4 on Vimeo
2. Boost your RFP win-rate by 20% or more with video
Some of our B2B clients use video in their finalist RFP meetings. And one of them has been A/B testing the impact of these videos… seeing a lift in their win-rate of +20%!!
With each video costing on average $2,500… it’s an investment, but a very worthwhile one. To keep costs down, we create a few master videos and then customize them for each RFP.

3. Save $500+ on your next Explainer Video
We’ve produced >2,000 Explainer Videos over the past 7+ years. By far the most important part of the video is the Script.
If you develop the Draft Script on your own and provide it to your freelancer or Agency, you can typically get a $500 discount on the overall budget.
A solid Script for an Explainer Video consists of:
  1. Promise: “How can you do XYZ..”
  2. Problem: The reason why you can’t is because you’re… [too busy, lack resources or expertise, etc.]
  3. Solution: We can… [do it for you, have a streamlined process, or a platform to help you automate]
  4. Benefits: Save… [time and money, beat the competition, faster go-to-market]
  5. Reason to believe: e.g., share a mini case study, or show how it works
  6. CTA: e.g., sign up for free audit, email for free consultation, get our 5 video tips

4. How financial advisors leverage the power of YouTube
I recently interviewed a successful business YouTuber (=a business that uses YouTube videos as a primary source of winning new clients), who mentioned that a Wealth Management firm leverages YouTube very effectively.
The firm has created a different channel for each of its Advisors because they’re targeting a different audience, have a different tone of voice, and cover different topics in order to resonate with the right people.
And they’re producing weekly videos that are shared on LinkedIn to grow their network, and get posted on YouTube to create an evergreen asset that sends them prospects over time.
Even though Susan (check out her channel below) only has 5k subscribers, she consistently gets 500 views on her videos. All coming from highly qualified prospects. YouTube works great for businesses that don’t need millions of views, but just a handful of new clients a month can make a big difference!
Susan Daley
5. Book of the month: NEVER split the difference
Many of the things that matter in life are a negotiation. You want a higher salary, you want to buy the car at a lower price, you want your 3-year old to finish her vegetables…
In their book “Never split the difference” Chris Voss and Tal Raz share proven strategies used by the FBI to negotiate hostage and other intense situations, and then apply them to business situations.
Negotiation is all about asking for what you want in the right way.
10 effective negotiation strategies “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss and Tal Raz
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