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Grow your business & influence with video - Volume #5

In May's issue: Here are 5 ways to optimize your sales funnel with videoWhat can you do with video if

Growth tactics for B2B Services

May 31 · Issue #5 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

In May’s issue:
  1. Here are 5 ways to optimize your sales funnel with video
  2. What can you do with video if you “only” have a $10,000 budget
  3. How video actually works for lead generation
  4. How to find great content ideas using
  5. Book of the month: How to grab attention by building a story-brand

1. Here are 5 ways to optimize your sales with video
Your sales funnel can get super-charged with video:
  • Generate awareness and trust by publishing videos regularly on LinkedIn and YouTube, where you demonstrate thought leadership.
  • These videos will send organic traffic to your site, where you need a 30-60 second explainer video so your visitors “get” what you’re offering.
  • Then, you want to get their emails so you can nurture them later. The best way is with a video lead magnet such as a webinar or mini-course.
  • Next, nurture your leads with a newsletter that incorporates video - because no one will read a super long email.
  • And finally, instead of sending an email proposal, why not create a VIDEO proposal to show you can take special care of their project?
5 ways to optimize your sales funnel with video
2. What can you do with video on a $10,000 budget?
A big frustration is that everyone thinks video is just too expensive, and the industry lacks transparency on pricing.
Well, with the right strategy in place, you can come up with creative ways to leverage the power of video, and get TONS accomplished with what seems like a small budget for video:
  1. How about 3-4 explainer videos
  2. OR 1-2 mini courses that can be used as lead magnets or for onboarding
  3. OR 6 months of video content marketing (4 videos per month)
  4. OR Turn 20 of your blog posts into videos with an actor
Think about it: your clients are increasingly relying on their own research to make their purchases. So they need content. And whoever has the most and best VIDEO content wins!
3. How video actually works for lead generation
I keep harping on the need to publish regular content on LinkedIn AND YouTube. So how does video really work and deliver leads?
On LinkedIn, you have a smaller audience. And you won’t necessarily resonate with your clients. But it’s very likely that a potential channel partner will engage with your content. For us, PR and other agencies are more in tune with what I’m preaching. They want to do more video for their clients. So when a client is ready, I’m top of mind. They know me as the expert, instead of trying to search online for someone else.
On YouTube on the other hand, you get more direct access to your potential customers. Because your videos will get in front of them when they’re searching for your videos’ keywords. You’re targeting people with the intent of engaging with your content. Whereas on LinkedIn it’s more of an awareness strategy.
How video works for lead gen
4. How to find great content ideas using
I’m getting tons of push-back on this: “you’re saying I need at least 1 video a week, which means 50+ videos a year… how am I going to come up with so many topics?
Fair question! But it’s actually MUCH easier than you’re thinking. A tool like and some research can get you 50-100 topics just like that.
And here’s step by step how to do it…
How to come up with great content topics
5. Book of the month: Building a Storybrand
Author Donald Miller has distilled stories into a simple framework that you can use in order to grab your audience’s attention the way Hollywood does it with the best hit movies.
BUT don’t think for a second that this book is about telling YOUR story. In fact, the author says that’s a surefire way to go bankrupt. Instead, you want to draw your audience into their own story. You simply want to be the Yoda in their journey. The trusted guide who can solve their problems.
"Building a Storybrand" by Donald Miller
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