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Grow your business & influence with video - Volume #4

Everyone says "stop selling, start adding value" - but how?How we help client grow with video... supe


May 2 · Issue #4 · View online
Every month, we share case studies & strategies to help you get the most out of video, the #1 way to grow in B2B

  1. Everyone says “stop selling, start adding value” - but how?
  2. How we help client grow with video… super cost effectively!
  3. See a great video lead-capture in action
  4. What’s holding you back from using video to grow your business?
  5. Book of the month: The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

1. How to produce value-adding video content
Everyone says “stop selling, start adding value”. But how to do that? First, look for great content your audience will really care about. Don’t focus on what YOU want them to know, but instead on what THEY want to learn from you. Even if it’s not entirely related to what you’re selling.
In this video, we also share tips on: where to find content ideas, how to roughly script your content, how to look natural in front of the camera, and how to promote your videos.
You can offer valuable content in text form, but that’s so 2018;) Now, you pretty much HAVE to offer value with video content in order to stand out.
How to produce value-adding video content
2. How we help clients grow... super cost effectively
We work a lot with services boutiques and B2B companies. The most common challenge is that paid ads, cold calls/emails, and other outreach have abysmal ROI.
That’s because your audiences needs to get to know you, like you, and trust you FIRST. Don’t you hate it when someone connects with you on LinkedIn and then immediately asks to get coffee or - my favorite - “let’s do a discovery call”?
Posting videos regularly on LinkedIn and YouTube is by far THE BEST way to connect with your audience authentically, so they see you as a trusted guide who can help solve their problems. It’s the long game, but it works!
Here’s how super easy we’ve made this “video content marketing”. It literally only takes a couple of hours of your time and you’re all set with great content for 3 months!
How we help our clients grow their businesses with video... super cost effectively!
3. See a video lead-capture in action
Research shows that video lead magnets can have 10x the conversion rate. That’s because the lead capture is embedded in the video.
For our clients, we offer this type of service for free (or you can get your own business account on Vimeo (costs $600/yr).
You can check out a video with embedded lead capture on our home page at and below is a screenshot of what it looks like.
After a viewer watches 10 seconds, we make an offer and ask for an email. If they don’t like the offer, they can skip and watch the rest of the video. This also saves us some homepage “real estate” so we don’t need a lead capture form there.
Video lead-capture in action from our home page
4. What's holding you back from using video to grow?
What’s holding you back from using video to grow your business & influence in 2019? These are the 3 biggest hurdles… and what you can do about it!
Give it some serious thought to get started soon. Because if you don’t get started in 2019, you’ll be at a big disadvantage, and catching up will be very difficult.
I’m interviewing successful business YouTubers who started 3+ years ago to get where they are today. Yes, there are ways to accelerate your success, but you don’t want to just read about them - you want to BE them, and generate 50-100% of your new business from video!
3 hurdles holding you back from using video to grow your business & influence
5. Book of the month: The Productivity Project
Chris Bailey spent a year exploring theories and tactics to see what really works to improve productivity. So he tried things like meditating for 35hrs a week, working for 90 hrs a week, and living in isolation for 10 days.
Everybody wants to be more productive, but it’s really hard. Very similar to getting on - and sticking to - a diet. Productivity hacks are like diet fads that give you only temporary productivity boosts.
Here’s a quick summary with tips to get more productive. For example, start your day by writing down 3 things you need to accomplish today. BUT, keep in mind that it may take some trial & error to figure out your capacity to execute, so be prepared to adjust your expectations of yourself.
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"The Productivity Project" by Chris Bailey (3-minute book summary)
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