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Grow your business & influence with video - Issue #18

Workshop: Top 5 growth ideas for B2B Services companiesB2B growth tactic: virtual summit (how it work

Growth tactics for B2B Services

June 30 · Issue #18 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. Workshop: Top 5 growth ideas for B2B Services companies
  2. B2B growth tactic: virtual summit (how it worked)
  3. The future of enterprise sales (summit): how to boost your win rate
  4. Contact marketing example: how to break into the toughest accounts
  5. Now you can have your whiteboard animation in 24 hours

1. Workshop: Top 5 growth ideas for B2B Services
Join our Zoom workshop Thu 7/16 @ 11:30 AM ET to find out how you can get these tactics to work for your business, what tools to use, etc. Reply for a calendar invite or sign up on Meetup.
  • Video newsletter (like the one you’re reading)
  • Video podcast (to connect with high-value clients & partners)
  • Virtual event with pre-recorded interviews (thought leadership)
  • Mini-course as a lead magnet (to grow your YouTube or Newsletter)
  • Educational, value-adding videos on LinkedIn & YouTube
Zoom workshop: The "why" and "how" of our top-5 growth ideas for B2B Services | Meetup
2. B2B growth tactic: virtual summit
This past month, we ran FinTech Forward 2020, a virtual summit with 19 speakers and 200+ attendees. It was a great success, helping us build strong relationships with 50+ companies in the most cost-effective way!
And now we’ll be launching a quarterly event for FinTechs to ‘demo’ their products, called FinTech Fast Forward.
The event took 2 months from start to finish and involved these steps:
  • identify list of ~20 speakers
  • schedule interviews and share questions in advance
  • record 20-minute interviews using Zoom in gallery mode
  • edit videos so they look like a panel or newsroom interview
  • host pre-recorded videos on HeySummit platform
  • promote by posting clips from the interviews on LinkedIn and tagging speakers
FinTech Forward 2020 by The FinTech Edge
3. The future of enterprise sales: boost your win rate
Today, we hosted another virtual event, where we interview experts from consulting firms and platforms that help companies boost their RFP win rates. Reply if you’d like the ‘highlights’ videos that we’ll be releasing later in the week. Some highlights:
  • You should NOT create content that promotes your company! Buyers hate getting sold. Instead, they want quick solutions to their problems through educational videos, research reports, or case studies.
  • Now more than ever, Buyers are more interested in trust & connection. They don’t want to make a mistake and hire the wrong person. So the human touch has become much more important.
  • Trends in B2B sales: podcasts, LinkedIn live, building trust, giving stories, recommending strategies (=adding value by getting in your clients’ shoes).
The Future of Enterprise Sales by Board Studios Inc
4. Contact Marketing: break into the toughest accounts
“Contact Marketing” is taking the approach of hyper-targeting and personalizing your outreach to ~100 of your ideal clients. Engagio does a version of this, and their head of growth shares a detailed example of how it works:
  • how sales & marketing have joint meetings to tackle the toughest accounts,
  • research targets within those accounts, and
  • send them a personal “gift” along with a valuable resource that positions Engagio is someone who listens and is the expert who can solve the client’s challenges.
The example starts @ 15:56 of the video below…
RFP Summit: Brandon Redlinger, Head of Growth @ Engagio on Vimeo
5. Now you can have your whiteboard video in 24 hours
We’ve finally developed our platform! You can:
  • Upload your script
  • Pick visuals from our rich library of high-quality art
  • Preview your video in SECONDS!!
Then, we take over an add polishing touches or any changes you’d like.
The benefit: turnaround time goes down from 3+ weeks to 2 days, and cost from $-thousands to $-hundreds.
(We’re also working with clients to develop their exclusive libraries of art that only they can use)
Check out the ‘demo’ below and reply if you’d like early access to play around with the platform. I’d love your feedback!
Demo - Doodlit whiteboard animation platform
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