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Grow your business & influence with video - Issue #17

Workshop: How to spy on your competition's #contentmarketing!Idea: Dominate your industry with a Virt

Growth tactics for B2B Services

June 3 · Issue #17 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. Workshop: How to spy on your competition’s #contentmarketing!
  2. Idea: Dominate your industry with a Virtual Summit (how to+example)
  3. Preview: Whiteboard videos “as a service”
  4. Launched: Funny Product Videos (= affordable comedy)
  5. Favorite tools: Prezi Video + LunchClub networking (use invite!)

1. Workshop: How to spy on your competitors!
I’m hosting a 30-minute online workshop through the B2B Growth NYC meetup. I’ll share my screen and show step by step how you can “spy” on your competition with these tools:
  • to find the best performing content for your key terms
  • to find your competitors based on SEO and PPC analysis
  • what pages are driving traffic for your competitors
Workshop: How-to spy on your competition's content to get great ideas | Meetup
2. Idea: Dominate your industry with a virtual summit
There’s no best way to demonstrate your thought leadership & connect with high-value partners than launching your own virtual summit.
It takes 2 months from start to finish:
  1. What’s your audience’s top-of-mind challenge? This will be your theme
  2. Research on LinkedIn & Crunchbase the companies you want to invite
  3. Locate the right speakers on LinkedIn
  4. Get their emails through VoilaNorbert or FindThatLead
  5. Send them an email (or InMail invite)
  6. Set up your summit on HeySummit (or other platform)
  7. Coordinate video interviews, record in HD, gallery mode, ~20 min each
  8. Edit to produce videos looking like the one below
  9. Share clips in advance of the event to promote it (and tag the speakers)
  10. Create a follow-up report with the key lessons from the event
Here’s an example of what your videos could look like:
RFP Summit - Brandon Redlinger - Engagio
And here’s an example of what your virtual summit’s page could look like:
The Future of Enterprise Sales by Board Studios Inc
3. Preview: Whiteboard videos "as a service"
After a few months of development, we’re super excited to start demo-ing our “as a service” video platform. You simply upload a script and see a draft video in <5 minutes!! (it’s REALLY cool;)
Then, you give us feedback on the improvements you’d like to make, we add the intro/outro bumpers, custom voice over and music, and presto you have your video from start to finish within 1 day.
4. LAUNCHED! Funny Product Videos
I know this is very different than our other video initiatives, but it’s another exciting chapter in our story. We’re streamlining the production of funny videos with comedians.
We can create videos for social media, advertising, or YouTube channels to create a series of entertaining videos to educate & engage your audience (for example, think an actor looking like Plato answering your audience’s questions;)
5. Favorite new tools
  1. Prezi Video: check it out, it can take your videos to the next level and it’s super easy to use!
  2. Lunchclub: it’s an invite-only community to help you keep building your network now that we can’t go out and grab a coffee… feel free to use my invite-link to jump in front of their 40k+ queue
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