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Grow your business & influence with video - Issue #14

Everyone dreads getting in front of a camera to produce video content. Take a look at a typical 'Befo

Growth tactics for B2B Services

March 3 · Issue #14 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. Everyone dreads getting in front of a camera to produce video content. Take a look at a typical ‘Before’ and 'After’ - you CAN look great!
  2. Produce great-looking thought leadership / educational videos… from the comfort of your office!
  3. Do I need to come up with my entire video content plan for the year? (best practices for great content topics)
  4. We produced a cute explainer for Teak Origin (check out how well whiteboards can still work, as long as they’re high quality!)
  5. Exclusive offer if you’re in the NYC area (use our studio for 2 hours and get 2 videos for only $500!)

1. 'Before' and 'After' studio session: you can look great!
No matter what anyone says, the first time you stand in front of a camera is scary.  You can’t wait to get outta there…
But for better or worse, the only way to cut through the noise and connect with your target audience is through video.
I guarantee if you write about your startup on LinkedIn or your blog, very few - if anyone - will read it 😴
Whereas with a series of videos you have high-value assets to share with potential investors, clients, etc. and you also put yourself out there.  Your audience will recognize the extra effort!  When you take on a challenge, you get rewarded 💪
Christian Rotter, CEO of Crowd Capital
2. Produce great-looking videos from your office
This is a video from one of our clients. We helped them set up a studio at their office with retractable banners and an iPhone + laptop setup.
We interview them once every quarter and edit the videos that they share on YouTube and LinkedIn.
Super streamlined and cost-effective! (it’s a work in progress and we’re upgrading the look & feel, but you can see how well it can work)
CMT Materials: 4 reasons why we use syntactic foam
3. No need to come up with a year's worth of content
The key with video content marketing is to a) get started and b) make it as easy as possible. There are lots of hurdles with video so you don’t want to get stuck on the details that can derail your efforts.
So don’t get bogged down with “how am I going to come up with 50 topic ideas so I can post weekly for the year” - start slow and come up with 10 topics from conversations with clients or from your blog articles.
Do I need to come up with my video content plan for the entire year?
4. Whiteboards still work great!
When we recommend that clients give whiteboards a chance, they sometimes say they don’t like them or they’re really old school.
Nevertheless, they work really well in some cases. And they’re the best way to communicate concepts in a fun and engaging way.
Because everyone grew up doodling so the whiteboard style feels familiar and lowers viewers’ barriers to new messaging. Plus, the cute/witty style makes the content more approachable and memorable.
Your veggies aren't as nutritious as you thought!
5. Special offer if you're in the NYC area (or visiting)
We’re launching a new offering with our full-time studio… almost like fractional ownership/sharing.
Typically, if you want to create a talking-head or interview-style video, you have to book a studio for a half or full day, book a videographer + assistant, and rent equipment. And then, you need editing. All-in it can easily add up to several thousands of dollars (the cheapest I’ve seen is $2,500).
Well, since we have a full-time studio, the benefit is that a) we can rent it out in smaller increments, and b) we have all the equipment already set up so you can show up and start taping within minutes.
For our launch, we’re offering 2-hour slots in the studio (including videographer, equipment, and teleprompter) so you can bring your scripts or create interview-style videos or record video podcasts.
We’ll record all-you-can-fit in these 2 hours. And then we’ll even edit up to 2 clips (just give us the timestamps you need from the raw video).
All for $500!
Add'l clips charged at $100 per clip. For example, if you want to record 13 clips and have all your video for your LinkedIn and YouTube for the next 3 months (posting 1 per week), it’ll cost you $1,600 (just a little over $100 per video!)
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