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Grow your business & influence with video - Issue #11

2020 idea: launch a VIDEO podcastHave a great blog? What a shame...Video podcast example: how do you

Growth tactics for B2B Services

December 3 · Issue #11 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. 2020 idea: launch a VIDEO podcast
  2. Have a great blog? What a shame…
  3. Video podcast example: how do you do Account Based Marketing?
  4. What is the value of PR?? (interviewed experts @ CommsWeek)
  5. How to get “FREE PR” with Cameron Herold

1. 2020 idea: launch your VIDEO podcast
Seems like every company is starting a podcast. Not because they think their audience will find & listen to their podcast. Podcasts aren’t indexed or SEO optimized.
So why are companies doing podcasts? Because it’s a great way to connect with partners and clients (the interviewees).
You know what’s even better? VIDEO podcasts. Because you get to connect and really know your interviewees.
AND video podcasts can be spliced into smaller segments, uploaded on YouTube, get SEO-optimized with the right thumbnails and titles, and get indexed by Google!
Are you ready to supercharge your podcast (=business development) with video? We believe it’s going to be a hot trend in 2020.
Intro to our video podcast on YouTube: The B2B Show
2. Have a great blog? What a shame...
… because you have awesome content, you’re investing a lot in it, and you’re probably hoping to get clients from it.
But who’s reading long-form content anymore… especially on mobile?
The best thing to do? Convert your blogs to videos:
  • Share more easily on LinkedIn
  • Can rank higher when you post on YouTube
  • Improve your blog’s and site’s SEO b/c you increase “time on site” and you lower your “bounce rate” with videos at the top of each blog post
  • Videos are much cheaper to pay-promote b/c you pay ~$0.05 per view vs $5-20 per click with PPC ads or $1 per share for social promotions (e.g., with QuuuPromote - a great tool btw)
So don’t put off your video strategy until next year, because:
  1. It’s easier than you think, and
  2. Every day you’re NOT doing video, you’re falling behind your competition.
Haven’t started with video yet- You’re falling behind!
3. Video podcast example: how do you do ABM?
Here’s an example of our video podcast The B2B Show. I interviewed Jasmeet Sawhney, Head of Global Marketing @ Axtria to learn how they’re leveraging Account-Based Marketing at his company.
We did a 20-minute interview, and then spliced it into small segments so we can SEO-optimize them by each topic that we talked about.
And we did some research on to see what search terms are common, what content ranks at the top and how they structure their titles, etc.
The B2B Show - Jasmeet Sawhney "How do you use ABM?"
4. What's the value of PR??
We had a great opportunity to interview PR experts on “the value of PR” at this year’s CommsWeek.
Many different perspectives, but overall: PR revolves around connecting a brand with its audience, and building trust through compelling storytelling.
In order to be tangible, memorable, and persuasive, you need to have a great message and tell it through a story.
Note: if you’re hosting an event in 2020 - anything from a Meetup or a more formal & larger event - consider hiring a video team to interview & produce videos. You can use them as trailers & ads, but also as educational content where you showcase your participants’ thought leadership and inform viewers of key trends.
Comms Week: "How do you define the value of PR?"
5. How to get FREE PR with Cameron Herold
I interviewed business author Cameron Herold on his latest book “Free PR” where he shares some ideas for smaller companies to get coverage by doing the work yourself.
I still think it’s best to turn to experts for help, unless you have specialized in-house resources. But if you don’t have the budget, there are some great ways to work the media to your favor.
"Free PR" by author Cameron Herold
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