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Grow your business & influence with video - Issue #10

Don't sign up for a LinkedIn lead-gen service! (before reading this)What equipment do you need to sta

Growth tactics for B2B Services

November 1 · Issue #10 · View online
Every week, we test B2B growth tactics, share insights from webinars, and experiment with growth/sales coaches

  1. Don’t sign up for a LinkedIn lead-gen service! (before reading this)
  2. What equipment do you need to start doing your own videos
  3. “Blog is better than video” (not really;)
  4. Case study: how a business coach leverages YouTube to grow
  5. Gino Wickman on “The Entrepreneurial Leap”

1. Don't sign up for a lead-gen service (read this first!)
I interviewed 5 lead-gen expert service providers but found out that their $1,500+ per month service can be replicated with 30 minutes and a platform like for $50/month. I’m not affiliated with we-connect in any way but love the platform.
You search for people you want to connect with on LinkedIn, and then it sends these people a campaign with follow-up messages that you write.
How I saved $2,000 per month with DIY Linked-in Lead-Gen
2. What equipment do you need to start with video
You want your videos to look good, not home-made (even if they are;)
So pick one of these two simple setups:
A. If you want to use your laptop, buy an HD webcam and a lav mic
B. If you want to use your late-model iPhone, buy a tripod and a lav mic
You can improve further with lights and backdrop, but these are optional for when you’re ready to “upgrade”
3. "Blog is better than video" (not really;)
At a recent meeting, a client said: “I think blogs are better because you can skim the content and skip what you don’t care about”
That’s a fair point… BUT:
  1. How are you going to get your text content in front of your audience and get them to consume it? It can be impossible to rank on the front page of Google with text blogs for competitive keywords. Whereas videos can have 50x the chance of getting on the front page.
  2. If you’re posting on LinkedIn, video dominates b/c of the engagement it gets. Content consumption has moved to mobile and people don’t want to read on their phones (but they WILL watch video).
Not saying that you don’t need a blog. But if you DO have a blog and take content marketing seriously, then video is perhaps the best investment you can make in order to boost your ROI.
Video content vs blog: which one’s better, and why?
4. Case study: how a business coach leverages YouTube
Many businesses are starting to catch on the trend and build their YouTube channel. Because they realize it’s a great way to get in front of your audience and engage them with your content, so they get exposed to your ideas and expertise.
In this case study series we’re walking you through successful YouTube channels and what they’re doing right, e.g., have a good header image with your face and value prop clearly laid out, and an intro video that explains what topics you’ll be covering and why people should listen to you.
Case Study: Sean Smith (Business Coach)
5. Gino Wickman on "The Entrepreneurial Leap"
We interviewed best-selling author Gino Wickman on his latest book.
A true entrepreneur needs to have all these 6 essential traits, and you either have them or you don’t (you’re born with them):
  1. visionary
  2. passionate
  3. problem solver
  4. driven
  5. risk taker
  6. responsible
If you have them, author Gino shows you through stories the good and bad day in the life of an entrepreneur, and how to avoid the mistakes.
Gino Wickman "The Entrepreneurial Leap"
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